Lockheed Martin Space Plane Prototype Launch

August 12, 2008

Mission Objective

This launch was a non-public, unpublished event at the request of Lockheed Martin.  Lockheed Martin is testing proprietary advanced autonomous launch technologies.  UP Aerospace was contracted by Lockheed Martin to provide the launch services for the test flight including launch operations, Spaceport and FAA launch approvals, launch facilities, and recovery of the vehicle.


“Today’s launch successfully lifted off at 7 a.m. local time at the beginning of our three-hour launch window. We are very pleased to be a small business partner working with Lockheed Martin on their research and development technology programs by supplying low-cost, fast turnaround launch operation,“ said UP Aerospace President Jerry Larson.

Lockheed Martin Rocket Plane II

Above Photo: Lockheed Martins autonomous rocket plane lifts off from UP Aerospace launch complex at Spaceport America in Southern New Mexico August 12, 2008 (Credit: Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company)