MOOG-FTS Midnight TestBed Launch

August 4, 2009

Mission Objective

The launch was a test of ground launched UAV prototype.


All test objectives were met during the vehicle’s low altitude suborbital trajectory. The specially designed research and development vehicle was launched by UP Aerospace. “Moog-FTS is an important player in space research and manufacturing technology, and we are excited to be in a position to provide low-cost, fast-turnaround launch operations for their R&D projects" said Jerry Larson President of UP Aerospace.

This latest launch demonstrates the versatility of UP Aerospace at Spaceport America, the world’s first purpose-built commercial Spaceport. This is an example of delivering on the unique capabilities of the commercial space sector. Major players in the space industry, like Moog-FTS, and other aerospace companies are increasingly becoming aware of the opportunities UP Aerospace provides with access to space as well as unique launch capabilities.  

MOOG-FTS Midnight TestBed

Above Photo: The MOOG-FTS autonomous "Midnight TestBed" lifts off from the UP Aerospace launch complex at Spaceport America in Southern New Mexico August 4, 2009 (Credit: MOOG-FTS)