At UP Aerospace we specialize in rapid, professional, and safe launch operations. Beginning in 2006 we have conducted a total of 13 launch campaigns and numerous ordinance tests and recovery system drop tests from our launch complex located at Spaceport America. We offer two areas of services, first, access to space using our SpaceLoft sub-orbital launch vehicle and second, custom launch services support for clients who required low cost, fast turnaround flight testing of their proprietary systems.

SpaceLoft XL Launch Vehicle

We provide access to the space environment on board our in-house developed and proven launch platform called the SpaceLoft. The SpaceLoft flights have demonstrated microgravity times in excess of 4 minutes for our standard mission carrying 36 kg of payload and is capable of achieving 6.5 minutes of zero gravity time for smaller sized payloads. The SpaceLoft program can provide a wide range of payload integration services including, power options, command functions, and environmental testing to meet your specific payload mission requirements.

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Custom Launch Services

Our custom launch support services have been provided to large aerospace companies including Lockheed Martin, and MOOG Inc., who were interested in advancing their technologies through the use of our proven track record of reliable on-time operations at Spaceport America. Our services include, range support, flight approvals, procedures generation, and winds aloft measurements to name a few. At Spaceport America we have a complete launch complex that includes, a Payload Processing Facility, Operations Control Center, launcher and launch pad with a roll-back building used for final assembly and testing. We have successfully executed a complete custom launch campaign from contract signing to launch in less than three months.