Spaceport America's Inaugural Commercial Space Launch (SpaceLoft-1)

SL1 mission logo

September 25, 2006

Mission Objective
To carry multiple experimental and commercial payloads into space for a variety of scholastic and business entities.

SpaceLoft 1 was the inaugural commercial launch at Spaceport America.  As a demonstration test flight this mission also included many firsts for Spaceport America including utilization of White Sands Missile Range for tracking and recovery operations and space launch approval from a new launch range.  Thousands of people from as far away as 20 miles parked their cars and listened to the radio to hear and catch a glimpse of this historic launch.

SpaceLoft 1 UP Aerospace 

Above Photo: SpaceLoft-1 lifts off from Spaceport America on its maiden test flight on September 25, 2006.  (Image courtesy: UP Aerospace Inc)