First Rocket to Reach Space from Spaceport America (SpaceLoft-2)

SL-2 Mission Patch

April 28, 2007

Mission Objective
The SpaceLoft-2 rocket was loaded with an array of educational investigations, as well as commercial and entrepreneurial payloads.  The main mission objective was to be the first launch from Spaceport America to reach space.

The launch was Spaceport Americas first successful mission to reach space achieving a altitude of 73 miles landing on White Sands Missile Range.

SpaceLoft-2 (SL-2) carried the cremated remains of Mercury 7 astronaut Gordon Cooper as well as those of the actor who played Scotty in the TV series Star Trek, James Doohan.

Another SL-2 payload was designed by the University of Colorado at Boulder, in tandem with the NASA Space Grant. Flown as a proof-of-concept, the "RockSat" payload consisted of several experiments including a GPS receiver and a video camera.  Also on board were experiments from dozens of students from the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technologies (CCAT).

The SpaceLoft 2 mission also marked the first Legacy Flight - a new service provided by Celestis Incorporated of Houston, Texas. Celestis launches the cremated remains of individuals into space, and had about 200 family members in attendance who had loved one’s aboard SL-2.


UP Aerospace SpaceLoft2 Launch

Above Photo: The first rocket launched from Spaceport America reaches Space on April 28, 2007.  The SpaceLoft rocket was designed and launched by UP Aerospace the Spaceport's first tenant. (Image courtesy: UP Aerospace Inc)


Above Photo: The UP Aerospace SL-2 Launch Crew pauses for a photo the day before the historic launch. From Left to Right, Dr. Paul Jaramillo, Dave Donahe, Marcus Ward, Jim Hoffman, Todd Watson, Jerry Larson, Rick Homans, Bruce Lee. (Image courtesy: UP Aerospace Inc)