UP Aerospace Launches Payloads into Space for the DOD and NASA (SL-6)

April 5, 2012

Mission Objective
SpaceLoft 6 provided a zero gravity environment for the research and development of future technologies for the Department of Defense (ORS) as well as for NASA’s Flight Opportunities Program. The mission carried seven payloads crucial for future (ORS) missions, demonstrating its dependability and resilience during the flight into space.

At 8:18 a.m. SpaceLoft-6 lifted off from Spaceport America making this the 6th space launch and the 10th launch overall for UP Aerospace. In an awesome display of space flight technology the vehicle reached an altitude of 385,640 feet, and returned from space landing successfully on White Sands Missile Range. SpaceLoft-6 carried payloads for The Department of Defense (ORS), as well as the first space flown payload for NASA’s Flight Opportunities Program, in preparation for NASA’s fully manifested flight of SpaceLoft 7.

UP Aerospace Launch Crew

Above Photo: The UP Aerospace Launch Crew the day belore launch.  From Left to Right, Dr. Dan Hanle, Bruce Lee, Jim Hoffman, and Jerry Larson. (Image courtesy: UP Aerospace Inc.)

SL-6 Liftoff

Above Photo: The SpaceLoft reusable launch vehicle lifts-off and heads for space on its sixth space flown mission from Spaceport America's Launch Pad One (Image courtesy: UP Aerospace Inc)

SL-6 Landing site 

Above Photo: UP Aerospace President Jerry Larson (Left) and Department of Defense representative Jason Armstrong (Right) pose for a photo with the SL-6 SpaceLoft payload section on White Sands Missile Range shortly after a scuccesuful launch on April 5, 2012. The landing site was less than one mile from its target point. (Image courtesy: UP Aerospace Inc)

SL-6 Return to launch site

Above Photo: Less than two hours after launch UP Aerospace and Army personnel return the payloads to the Launch Control Center at Spaceport America.  (Image courtesy: UP Aerospace Inc)