SpaceLoft 8 Lifts off from Spaceport America and Lands Succesfully

 SL-8 Patch

November 12, 2013

Mission Objective
The SpaceLoft 8 misson is a suborbital rocket launch to carry multiple space technology payloads for NASA’s Flight Opportunities Program. The execution of this mission is part of the contract awarded to UP Aerospace by NASA in 2011, to provide low cost commercial launch services to NASA.

The SpaceLoft rocket lifted off at 9:15 a.m. (MT), on a suborbital mission carrying six payloads for NASA’s Flight Opportunities Program. The six payloads represent experiments to develop and advance future technologies. During the post flight press conference, Jerry Larson, President of UP Aerospace stated, “The launch and payload recovery was a successfull and early indications show that all of the payloads functioned as expected during the flight”.

SL-8 Liftoff

Above Photo: The SpaceLoft 8 rocket is lifts-off from Launch Pad One at Spaceport America on its way to space.  The payload section was recoverd on White Sands Missile Range and returned to the Spaceport for inspection and disasembly.  (photo credit, Greg Sorber Albuquerque Journal) 

SL-8 Spaceshot  

Above Photo: The SL-8 launch vehicle's onboard camera captures this stunning image from space of the Earth below.  (photo credit, UP Aerospace Inc.)

 SL-8 Recovery Site

Above Photo: The SpaceLoft payload landing site on White Sands Missile Range  (photo credit, UP Aerospace Inc.)

SL-8 Air-Lifted

Above Photo: An ARMY helicopter air-lifts the SpaceLoft payload section with the experiments on-board off of the top of a mountain on White Sands Missile Range (photo credit, UP Aerospace Inc.)

Recovery Crew

Above Photo: The payload recovery crew on White Sands Missile Range (photo credit, UP Aerospace Inc.)

 SL-8 Recovery

Above Photo: The Payload Section is returned to the launch site at Spaceport America (photo credit, UP Aerospace Inc.)


SL-8 Payload Removal 

Above Photo: UP Aerospace President Jerry Larson (Left)  looks on as payload technician Erik Larson removes experiments from the payload bay of the SpaceLoft rocket at Spaceport America. (Image courtesy: UP Aerospace Inc.)